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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to renovate my home, how do i go about getting a quote?

Engage one of our designers or your own to draft some preliminary plans. Preliminary plans are a good starting point and allow us to give clients an estimate of cost, making allowances based on our experience for items which have not yet been selected, specified or engineered. This helps you know if the renovation or build is within your budget or not. If it’s not within your budget but you’re still keen to get it off the ground we can refine the preliminary plans and look at alternative measures to achieve what you want. If it is within your budget we can develop a formal quote and work with you on your specifications and inclusions to deliver a fixed price quote right through to a construction program and commencement.

I would like to renovate my kitchen and bathroom but don’t have a lot to spend.

Bathrooms don’t have to be super expensive to renovate however you do need to ensure the following:

  1. That you have a good team of trades to carry out the work. Each stage of the renovation process is critical to the next stage and quality work in each stage will deliver a cohesive and longstanding result – so don’t ask your builder to lower his price as the workmanship will also go with it. Good workmanship takes time! But do ensure that the scope of works has been clearly defined, fixtures and fittings have been selected before the build, and no changes are made during the process. You will find the time and costs will remain within reason and stay affordable.
  2. Plan your layout around the existing plumbing and electrical rough in. Excellent results can be achieved by simply upgrading the fixtures but keeping their locations the same.
  3. Select your fixtures and fittings to suit your budget and functionality. There are plenty of products that you pay for the name. Select products with similar features but are not branded, they will have lower price tags but similar functionality. 
  4. Invest in good tiles in standard sizes, this will keep your tiling labour and buy costs lower.

I’m looking at a renovation, what is your sqm rate?

We find it very difficult to provide a sqm rate for renovations. It depends on the level of customisation of your renovation and the existing foundations and parameters within which the job is being added to. For example building in underneath requires a concrete slab that meets the required load. A proper engineer inspection and investigation is required to determine this and depending on the outcome will govern the cost. However we can work to your budget if you have one and provide excellent outcomes with the framework and challenges that we are given – that is what we love to do.

What do you charge for making a variation?

We don’t charge like a wounded bull for variations. We will consider the extra time needed and costs in materials and offer the variation price, then within the contract parameters add an additional builders margin of between 10 and 20%.  However we don’t charge you for changing your mind!  But changes of mind does slow down the construction process so be aware.